Our Services

Bodyworks also known as car body repairs is a standard yet important role in our business. When and if a client get in an accident with his car we want to repair it and also make sure that the bodywork is a top standard quality for your car.

Our team of highly professional team members are equipped with the sufficient training and experience so you know that a visit from us will give you everything you need to get you going again. Every mechanic is very well informed with services ranging from breakdown cover and roadside assistance to oil changes and fuel injections adjustments.

Car recovery is a very essential task in our communities this service does not only help recover your car but to also have it repiard and put on hold in the safe storage unite, we here in ka recovery take our jobs very seriously and we tend to help all those in need.

Mechanical Work is is a association of mechanical engineers is a profit organisation that provides a platform for young mechanical engineers to obtain practical and (non) skills while working. This benefits both parties .