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Car Breakdown

Your Car is Sure to Breakdown

Call K.A. Recovery to get you back on the road today.

Unlike other companies who might try to scam you out of your hard-earned money, you can be sure to have your needs met with excellence when you need it where ever you need it.

What’s on offer

K.A. Recovery specials in everything and anything to do with vehicles.
Need a quick tune up? We can do that!
Car doesn’t move? No problem. We will come to you.
Car broken down? We can fix that.

K.A car recover services team in east London are highly professional team members which are equipped with the sufficient training and experience so you know that a visit from us will give you everything you need to get you going again. Every mechanic is very well informed with services ranging from breakdown cover and roadside assistance to oil changes and fuel injections adjustments.

K.A recovery car services are here for you!

We understand that breakdowns can happen anywhere at any time. No one likes to get stuck in the middle of no-where. It could be worse without any breakdown cover. That is why you need K.A. Recovery to help you out in these times of need which provides you with multi car breakdown cover so just not one car, but all the cars that are stuck in that situation.

What we do 

We offer recovery for all types of vehicles.

Once we get a call from a customer one of our mechanics will be on scene to provide roadside assistance.

Once the vehicle has been recovered it will be taken to one of our garages. Shortly after arriving in one of our garages, a team will be on hand to repair and maintain it. Any body work, service work, mechanical work or paint work needed will be done by the team on hand for this vehicle. To finalise the procedure, a service check will be done to see if the vehicle is road worthy.

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