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Body Works

Bodywork also known as car body repairs is a standard yet important role in our business. When and if a client gets in an accident with his car we want repair dent and make sure that the bodywork is a top standard quality for your car as well as the car paint.  K.A. car Recovery support all type of cars and give the best body repair with any color, whether you have black or white we repair any color type for any vehicle regardless of its type. We have been working with all sorts of vehicles for more than 10 years and all of our staff and employees have the best of training before ever having to repair a vehicle

Have you had an accident recently and damaged your car? K.A. car recovery East London is a great business that specializes in repairing all broken down cars no matter the condition or even where it’s at, K.A. recovery East London is a 24/7  loyal hard working business that repairs all damaged vehicles.

If your car would have ever get into a collision then K.A. recovery would come to your exact location no matter how long the journey or even what time it is, we would come and bring your car to a safe storage and work on the whole shebang.

Many years have gone by where we have never failed a customer and provided all clients with the best customer service that we have to offer, whether we have to fix your car or change your body colour we take all our jobs seriously.

We here in our company own more than 500 different body’s everyday with different textures and styles suitable for all different car types and brands.

We work 24/7 and provide support anywhere and to all different cars..